Let's face it.
Musical relationships can be as intense and all-consuming as romantic ones.
There are fights, hurt feelings, storming out of the room, and the occasional "silent treatment". But also times of unbridled bliss and harmony that you wouldn't trade for the world.
Wouldn't it be great if we handled relationships between musicians in the same way we handle romantic ones online? With thoughtful consideration of a musician's likes and dislikes, aspirations, personal style, preferences, and skills and how those match up (or not) with another individual?
The answer is coming soon. Throw us your basic details and we'll keep you in the loop as we prepare to launch BandJoin.com!

(No birth date necessary!)

Questions? Please feel free to email us. Anytime.

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What is the Musician Compatibility Engine ™?
Glad you asked! The MCE is a tool that allows an artist to find similar (or disimilar) artists based on several weighted comparison algorithms - exclusive to BandJoin.

We give you a definitive compatibility rating based on the information in your profile to find your musical soul mate.